Hidden agenda.

Ok, confession time.

I just learned there’s a difference between targeting a post on a Facebook page and hiding a post from certain fans! I only knew how to target a post to certain fans’ news feeds and didn’t realize that same feature wasn’t hiding the posts from those fans when they visited the actual page. Whew, that was a long sentence!

Hiding Facebook posts

Some of our clients’ pages don’t have this feature yet, but I was lucky enough to experience it today! Here’s how it works. This could be especially important for brands with multiple locations, for example, who may want to post about amenities at one location without drawing negative attention to other locations.

P.S. I heard that Oreo posted, then soon deleted, a piece of content written entirely in Spanish today. I imagine they intended to make the post visible only to those fans with their language set to Spanish and made a teeny error.

{Social brand} celebrities … they’re just like us!

UPDATED: This feature may not appear automatically on your Facebook page. I had to go searching through my Admin Panel to find it for one of my clients! To enable, go to Edit Page> Edit Settings> Post Targeting and Privacy. Woohoo!


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